2018 LCM Meet Schedule

HeadHunter Families,

The coaching staff is excited to share the LCM 2018 tentative meet schedule.  We do this to assist you in planning your weekends. This is only TENTATIVE…


March 30                   Awards & Club Night                                 SCM               ABC AG/SR

April 13-14              Tribal Vibe -GVAC                                   SCM             ABC AG/SR

May 4-6                     Thunderbolt T-Hills -Beaverton               LCM              AB AG/SR

May 18                      Club Night Pentathlon -GVAC                 SCM         ABC AG/SR/M

June 1-3                     Thunderbolt Open -Beaverton                  LCM              ABC AG/SR

June 22-24                Howard Jones Senior -Mount Hood         LCM             AB (13&up)

July 6-8                     Howard Jones AG -Mount Hood              LCM     ABC(12&under)

July 11-15                 Sr Sectionals -Mount Hood                      LCM              SR Sec Time

July 14-15                10&u Champs T-Hills -Albany               LCM              “A”     

July 26-29                11&up Champs -Mount Hood                 LCM              “A”

July 30-Aug 3          Junior Nationals-Irvine, CA                      LCM           Must Qualify

August 2-5                Futures -Santa Clara, CA                            LCM       “Q”  (apply-A+)

August 11-12           LaCamas Luau -GVAC                            SCM           ABC AG/SR