Denise Croucher

1039950_1382575591962269_1904871971_oDenise has been involved in teaching and coaching swimmers and triathletes for many years.  She attended University of Portland (BS ’92).  She has a unique passion for aquatics and endurance sports.  She runs the very successful swim lesson and swim clinic programs at LaCamas Athletic Club and is an assistant coach for all of our Groups.  A former chemistry teacher, she started her aquatics career as a water aerobics instructor in 1998 and after discovering her passion for being an athlete completed her first triathlon in 2001 and her first Ironman in 2004.  She has now finished 3 Full Ironman races, and uncountable triathlons and endurance events.  She started the LaCamas Lightning Swim Team in 1998 and in 2008 the HeadHunters Swim Team was born.  She is currently the owner of the team, Grass Valley Aquatics Center & LaCamas Athletic Club.

Denise is married to Bob and is mom to daughter, Briana and son, Bryce.  Melody, Denise’s granddaughter, is her newest family member. Denise lives by her motto “Train Happy!” and is a firm believer in Real Health.